What Does the Future of Content Marketing Look Like? Spoiler: Far Less Content

  • 50% of randomly selected posts received 8 shares or less
  • 75% of these posts received 39 shares or less

What Peak Content + The Content Marketing Power Law Mean for the Future of Content Marketing

1. Content marketers will start to look (and act) more like product managers

2. We’ll redefine what “high-quality content” means

  • Do results grow over time? If your content stops generating leads and backlinks as soon as you stop promoting then it’s not high-value. High-value content is written using words that people actually use (keywords!) not your corporate jargon. People love it, so it gets backlinked and shared, which creates a lead flow that maintains and even grows over time (Thank you, SEO.).
  • Would anyone pay for it? If you charged for your content would anyone pay? How much? $50? $500? If the answer is that they wouldn’t, then no, it’s not high-value. Content marketers have become skilled at optimizing for the lead form, our standard is most often, “Would someone give me an email address for this?” That’s a noticeably lower bar than actual $$$.
  • Do people ask you when you’re publishing next? Are reporters calling you for quotes? Are people emailing you asking when you’re publishing the next version? Do people ask questions about and comment on what you’re writing? If you stopped publishing, would anyone care at all?

3. Content marketing will be more about brand than lead-gen

4. Content teams will be producing far less content, that’s far more interesting



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